Salem VanderStel


Salem is a career real estate investor. After studying Chemistry and Corporate Strategy at Vanderbilt University, he directed his passion for analytics toward financial instruments — building ultra-high net worth asset management products at one of the world’s largest investment banks. He also continued to advise large scale global financial institutions on financial strategies and structures.

While underwriting and building various financial instruments in 2012, Salem discovered the exceptional risk-adjusted returns associated with specific real estate investments. To date, he has directly managed and/or invested into over 2000+ residential multifamily and manufactured housing units.

Brandon Hall, CPA


Brandon is a nationally recognized Real Estate Accountant. He spent time at both PWC and EY early in his career. He went full-time into his company in September 2016. Brandon’s firm is 100% virtual and only works with real estate investors, real estate syndications, and real estate funds. Brandon spoke at the 2017 and 2018 MidAtlantic Summit, a real estate summit for accredited investors as well as real estate events in NYC; Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; and Raleigh, NC.

Brandon is also a Director in A Hero’s Home, a non-profit dedicated to rehabbing properties and gifting them to veterans.