Vertically Integrated Investment, Advisory, and Property Management Team

Unlike a traditional multi-family value-add approach, we perform the on-the-ground property management work ourselves.  Further, with our hub-and-spoke operating model, we can focus our operations on specific niches outside the scope of traditional real estate groups.  This allows us to operate in areas of ultra low competition and ultra high profitability.
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What is Naked Capital?

Naked Capital Group is full service real estate operator, advisory, and investor.

How do we benefit investment partners?

We work closely with a small group of investment partners, building and managing tailored real estate investments designed to fit specific portfolio goals.

Our structure provides investors:

Stable and Conservative Real Estate  Investments

Operationally-Focused Value-Add Strategies

Vertically Integrated, Cost Efficient Operations

Investor-First Payout Models

Higher Investor Ownership

Low and Upfront Fees

Target Return Metrics

Conservative Interal Rate of Return (IRR) Targets
Cash – on – Cash Returns from Rental Income
Year Hold Period

Why are we Naked?

Our founder, Salem VanderStel, started his career in one of the world’s largest investment banks. Building ultra-high net worth investment products that were routinely referred to as “black box” investments, investors did not have visibility into to the fundamental underwriting and mathematics involved in the financial process. Naked Capital was established to disrupt this convention.
Unlike “black box” investing, we pride ourselves on full transparency.  Our team educates our investment partners on the underlying mechanics that support sophisticated, institutional quality real estate investments.  We seek to provide more than superlative investments, but founded confidence in their outcome.